Focus on ease rather than dis-ease with Aura-Soma, a holistic wellness tool which helps you become the best version of yourself. The Aura-Soma range of products are created to inspire you on your path to happiness and vitality and can easily be integrated into your wellness routine and lifestyle.

What is Aura-Soma?

Harnessing the vibrational powers of Mother Nature, Aura-Soma is a system of colour, plant and crystal energies that support a deeper consciousness and promote your well-being. The most popular product, and the heart of the system is the Equilibrium bottles, a unique wellness tool which can be applied in a similar way to body oil, but works in a much more powerful way.

Why use Aura-Soma?

Created using the highest-quality organic and biodynamic ingredients, Aura-Soma products are the perfect addition to those seeking a healthier more balanced lifestyle and well-being, and a better understanding of themselves and the world around them.

Think of wellness therapies like Acupuncture, Reiki and Reflexology; Aura-Soma also brings ease, balance and calm to your energetic system (chakras), whilst strengthening and protecting the aura to empower and elevate consciousness. Using bespoke alchemic processes and homeopathic principles, if used regularly our products hold the potential to increase your vitality.


During a consultation you will sit in front of the Aura-Soma Equilibrium bottles. You will be guided to choose a total of 4 bottles, then we delve into the story behind your selection.

You may decide to then select any or all of your chosen bottles to take and work with, but this is entirely up to you. You activate the vibrational energy of the colour, plant and crystals in each Equilibrium bottle by shaking the bottle and applying it as you would a body oil, nurturing yourself with the colour, plant, and crystal energies.

Aura-Soma is also safe and wonderfully effective for children, infants and babies. Children genrally are very drawn to the colourful energetic bottles and love applying them!

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