Each of us are unique beings, no two of us are the same. With Annalea you will experience a truly unique session which can include but is not limited to:

  • Conscious bodywork/massage.
  • Aura-Soma┬« Beyond Colour.
  • Emotional release work.
  • Sound, crystal and energy healing.
  • Holistic coaching and support for living your best life.
  • Exploring notions of health and well-being to bring awareness to your life and help you find your passions and path.

Annalea also offers guidance and support with pregnancy and birth choices and the overall journey. Having planned and experienced a wild pregnancy and free birth with her son, in which she had no medical “management” or interventions (including tests/ultrasounds), Annalea feels that developing intuition, trust and connection to self as well as shedding limiting beliefs and conditioning, are the core factors for an amazing birth journey. So no matter what you choose for your pregnancy and birth journey, Annalea wants to help you to ensure all the choices you make are done so in your personal power and are going to serve your needs (and therefore baby’s) first and above all else.

Overall, Annalea wants to help you identify the root causes of your dis-ease. No band aids, no labels, no stories that don’t serve because you have the power within to release and heal all of your wounds, traumas and discomforts. All it takes is trust and belief in yourself – Annalea will help you find that.

Sessions can take shape any way you like and along with your requests Annalea will always be doing her best to feel and intuit your needs on the day.