Annalea Jayne: Intentions and journey, thus far…

I wanted to share with you all a bit of my personal healing journey thus far, and my intentions with Annalea Jayne Therapies:

In 2016, my 9th year as a Paramedic, I answered an inner calling to learn massage, even though I already often gave massages to friends and my partner. I felt I needed to do an “official” course. So I swapped some shifts, traveled to Perth and trained in Raynor Naturopathic Massage. I was drawn to this holistic style and in my googling of massage courses, it was the one that jumped out at me. It’s a great style, which I still utilise and the course was just what I needed at the time, but over the past 5-7yrs I had been on a rather epic personal growth and healing journey and I knew that while physical treatments were wonderful and important, they lacked a depth I and many others needed to fully heal.

I had come to the belief that we are mind made matter, that energy and intent comes before something physical is created. Intent, thoughts, emotions and actions are far more powerful in regards to our health and well-being than just physical inputs alone. But don’t get me wrong, these cannot be discounted. A strong healthy and happy human-being needs good quality inputs – clean whole foods, pure water, clean air & environment, sunlight, contact with nature and movement. I had already spent a large amount of time refining these inputs in my life and they had made immense changes to my health and well-being. But I still had niggling issues – more than normal anxiety, anger and negativity, regular emotional outbursts and breakdowns, painful periods, skin breakouts and physical aches and pains. I knew there were more pieces to this puzzle.

Ponder this notion – You have a thought, and that thought becomes an idea, then that idea becomes a plan, which perhaps you then physically write or drawn down onto paper and then that plan becomes something you actually build into physicality. If there is an issue with the physical creation, if makes sense to go back to the “drawing board”, the original thought or idea and tweak that instead of trying to patch up or “band-aid” the “malfunctioning” physical thing. I believe we are no different in concept.

That is why I wanted to expand on “physical” bodywork treatments (the “-” are because I don’t actually believe bodywork is ever 100% physical). But I wanted more tools in my toolbox and a more holistic understanding of human beings, any myself.

So far I have explored quite a few facets of what is considered energetic, alternative or complimentary healing – Ignite Your Spirit therapyReiki, Aura-Soma®, Sound HealingChinese Meridian Theory, Chinese Cupping, Yin Yoga, Acupuncture, the use of Crystals, and very recently and most profoundly the plant medicine Iboga.

For me personally, the biggest shifts in my overall health and well-being came from not only finding my energetic blocks, but most importantly their root causes – my limiting beliefs, past traumas I thought I had dealt with, trapped emotions and the conditioning I had picked up from childhood, family, school, friends, old partners, society, media, the list goes on!  As I accepted and released these, with the help and support of several different therapists, I started to feel truly amazing in mind, body and spirit and some of my niggling issues started to subside and disappear. Then I knew I had to find my own style of introducing these concepts to other interested and seeking beings.

So it is my intent to offer to you at Annalea Jayne Therapies, an open minded, holistic and balanced approach to help you identify the root causes of your dis-ease, so you can rewrite that old script that isn’t serving you anymore, so you can re-create yourself free from unnecessary stress, discomfort, medical and physical ailments. I may be starting with bodywork, Aura-Soma and Yoni eggs for Women, but I will be allowing everything to unfold and evolve as my practical experience expands and you beautiful souls bring me new ideas and inspiration. Change is the only constant in the universe after all!

One of the most important realisations I have made, is that no one can actually fix you, except for you. Healers of any persuasion simply hold space for you to do what needs to be done by encouraging, supporting and empowering. Even someone as revered as a surgeon in Western medicine, is holding space when they’re cutting something out or realigning something back together – you are the one who heals from that process. You bring the “fixing” or healing magic and I believe that you have more than enough magic to heal yourself from anything given the right, input, support and encouragement. Truly.